What will I get from a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN class?

Mothers leave classes with more confidence that they can handle anything that might come their way during birth.  They are hopeful and strong.

Partners come away with a clear understanding of what labor looks like.  They gain lots of ideas of what they can do to help the birthing mother and how to interact with the birth staff.

Couples deepen their connection and form a strong team that will work well in labor and new parenthood.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Sorensen Whitaker.   I’m glad that your mouse clicks have led you here.  Thank you for taking a moment to visit my site.  
I know that you have many options when choosing a doula or childbirth class. I feel honored to be among those choices.  Through professional as well as personal experience, I understand how important and life changing the birth year can be.  Birth truly does matter.  In as many ways as birth giving is similar between women, it is as unique as well.  We all experience birth and life in ways that are our very own.  As I do this work, my first goal is to provide respect and loving support of your unique birth wishes.

I am a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN mentor and DONA certified doula. I am also a trained Hypno-Doula. In addition I have received training in supporting survivors of abuse.  I make sure to update my education on a yearly basis on many pregnancy and birth related topics.  I have varied my training because I find it important to have the tools necessary in order to meet people where they are in their birth philosophy journey. Please feel free to contact me.  I’d love for you to get to know me a little better so that we may find if my services would be of a benefit to you.  

While you’re here, I hope that you will find your visit to this website informative. Utah Birth Support is a unique company dedicated in providing professional, individualized childbirth education and doula services.  Please make yourself comfortable with the links located above. There you will find more information about the Utah Birth Support philosophy, the services we offer and more.